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Inauguration of the Val de Saône programme

Final link of a decade of investment

Download the press release 12 October 2018

On Friday, 12 October, the Val de Saône programme was inaugurated at Palleau (Saône-et-Loire) in the presence of Mr Jean-Paul Emorine, the Senator for Saône-et-Loire, Mr Olivier Ciavaldini, Mayor of Palleau, Mr Thierry Trouvé, GRTgaz CEO, as well as representatives of the European Commission and the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE). This programme1 marks the culmination of a decade of major infrastructure projects and more than EUR 6 billion invested by GRTgaz to promote an opening up of the market and strengthening the security of supply in France.

Key figures of the Val de Saône programme

The commissioning of the infrastructure of the Val de Saône programme is an essential link to improve the fluidity of transmission between the markets of the North and the South of Europe and furthermore the security of supply at the European level. France now has all the strengths to play a key role in the functioning of Europe’s gas.

The infrastructure of the Val de Saône programme has been completed in line with the costs, time scales, regulatory and safety requirements. Combined with the commissioning of infrastructure on the Teréga network (transmission network manager in the Southwest) and some adaptations on the GRTgaz network in the South of France, this development provides the transmission capacity needed to create a single gas market area in France, effective as of 1 November 2018. This new infrastructure will thus help to facilitate access to the most competitive gas sources, especially for gas suppliers and industrial consumers and strengthen the attractiveness of the gas wholesale market in France.

1 approved by the CRE in its decision of 17 December 2015