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Our network

A transmission network at the heart of European gas flows

Legend of the network's map of GRTgaz

This map and the information it contains are indicative and does not allow the execution of works near the network's pipeline of GRTgaz or overcome the provisions of the Environmental Code Articles L.554-1 to L.554-5 and R.554-1 R.554-38.

GRTgaz network map
Technical capacities


GRTgaz, at the heart of Europe:

The GRTgaz network naturally places the company at the heart of Europe. France's coastlines are perfectly situated to receive LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) imported from the Persian Gulf states and the Mediterranean and Atlantic basins.

The GRTgaz network is interconnected with the German, Belgian, and Swiss networks, as well as with the TIGF network which serves the south-west of France, a network that is itself connected to Spain.

GRTgaz therefore represents a major national sector and a transmission market with considerable potential for growth, as its network enables it to reach most European markets.

With this positioning, it can actively contribute to the objectives of the European Commission, which hopes to finalise the integrated natural gas market. The goal is to go from a multitude of national markets to one European natural gas market. Once this is achieved, all shippers will be able to send gas from any point in Europe to all of their customers, without having to worry about different norms or standards in the various countries along the way.

The network


Total length
Main network
7,874 km
Minimal diameter
DN 80 mm
Regional network
24,624 km
Maximal diameter
DN 1,200 mm

Network pressure

of the transmission
network is operated
at a maximum pressure of

67.7 bars
Maximum network pressure:
95 bars
Minimum network pressure:
16 bars


odorisation testing sites including 31 operated by GRTgaz
odorisation installations (injection UHT + testing) in 25 sites including 12 operated by GRTgaz and 6 in biomethane stations


Delivery stations
3,389 public distribution stations
991 industrial consumer stations

Pressure reduction stations

Shut-off stations


26 compression stations
Total installed power (élec/gaz) :
598 MW
295 MW
(32 machines)
298 MW
(42 machines)
5 MW
(5 machines)