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Technical assistance in Indonesia

GRTgaz has been providing bespoke technical support to Indonesian operator PGN since 2014.

Personalised technical support for Indonesian company PGN

Since 2013, GRTgaz has been delivering technical support and consulting services to PGN. In 2015, two GRTgaz experts carried out an auditing and consulting assignment in Jakarta on the topic of energy management (metering technologies, gas characteristics, gas supply-demand, etc.) during which they audited the Muara Bekasi metering station, which is fed by one of the two pipelines supplying gas to the northwest area of Java from Sumatra.

Early 2016, a team of engineers and technicians from PGN followed a twinning program GRTgaz in France during which they spent a week discovering the various activities involved in energy management.  This cooperation has given PGN an invaluable insight into developing best practices and its own tools for managing gas supply and demand more effectively.


The partner

PGN (Perusahaan Gas Negara) is the main gas distribution and transmission system operator in Indonesia. Its transmission network spans a total length in excess of 2,100 km*.

*Source: www.pgn.co.id/id/pages/default/about_pgn/who_we_are/our_business


A wide range of subjects covered

  • Organisation and outsourcing of O&M (Operations & Maintenance)
  • Integrity
  • Grid management
  • Metering
  • Gas supply and demand
  • SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition system)
  • Geographic information systems
  • Capacity trading and calculations
  • Centralising dispatching activities
  • Market regulation and opening

PGN can count on GRTgaz!

GRTgaz's advices will enable PGN to improve its control over the metering process and minimise any gaps between the volume of gas entering and exiting its grid. These missions represent an excellent platform for promoting GRTgaz's skills in a country with a fast-growing gas market.


Key figures

  • 10 ad hoc technical services
  • 24 GRTgaz experts and technicians involved from four divisions (Technical Services, Engineering, Operations, Information Systems and Commercial) 
  • 10 PGN engineers trained in France