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Sustainable development policy

Responsible, socially aware management and the drive for long-term progress

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In the running of its business, which consists of operating infrastructures that are essential for the country and guaranteeing continuity of supply in natural gas, GRTgaz conducts its affairs with the public interest in mind.

This contribution requires exemplary conduct with regard to economic, environmental and social issues, as well as ongoing dialogue with stakeholders to ensure a harmonious coexistence with the areas its network crosses.


The ISO 26000 standard as a guiding principle

GRTgaz draws on the guidelines of the ISO 26000 standard to take into account the requirements of sustainable development, a factor in innovation, growth and commitment.

  • It favours an open and inclusive relationship with stakeholders. 
  • It conducts an operational performance policy to improve its organisation, its performance, industrial safety and occupational safety, increase customer satisfaction and meet the objectives set by regulation (Energy Regulatory Commission). 
  • Its aim is to achieve exemplary management of the safety of third parties and the environment, placing a particular emphasis on a commitment to preserving biodiversity. 
  • It strives to optimise the effects of its investments on employment and the local economy.

An action plan is adopted every year and deployed in the units' management contracts. The actions are monitored and their objectives measured using indicators identified in each of GRTgaz's business lines.


Quality and operational performance

  • GRTgaz has received ISO 9001 2008 certification for all its activities. The involvement of its teams was one of the key points praised by the certification body. 
  • Its Perfop operational performance programme is based on identifying, standardising and then rolling out best practices, and on using score cards featuring outcome and performance indicators.

Managing health and safety in the workplace and the environment

  • Safety management is an integral part of the overall management system. Its performances are evaluated on the basis of adapted indicators, as well as external audits and internal control measures. 
  • Environmental management is assessed in line with ISO 14001 standards. GRTgaz is aiming to achieve ISO 14001 environmental certification for all of its compressor stations. 15 out of 25 formed part of the ISO 14001 certification scope at the end of 2010.

Commitment charter and Green Flag

  • Adopting a policy of dialogue, information, safety, environment and local development, GRTgaz makes concrete commitments to stakeholders a part of its major projects. 
  • Under its Green Flag policy, it ensures transparency in the fulfilment of the stakeholder-related objectives it has set itself for the project in question. As such, it initiates dialogue with local residents and councillors from the areas concerned. This policy improves the management of its work sites in terms of safety, environmental respect and consultation: 50 criteria are assessed by an independent expert as construction work progresses
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Green Flag, the banner for GRTgaz's pilot construction projects

Best practices and innovation

  • GRTgaz favours partnerships with the best experts in order to test and subsequently integrate and implement best practices. 
  • The GRTgaz Initiatives Challenge rewards each year employee creativity and innovation in three main categories: industrial performance, sales growth, and human and environmental commitment.