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Establish permanent dialogue to better meet expectations

GRTgaz offers it customers concerted, flexible and competitive solutions, as part of its approach based on permanent dialogue.

A concerted approach

We call on dialogue to develop our infrastructures, facilitate access to the market, enrich our offer and propose new services. Our teams inform, advise and support industrial consumers, gas distribution network operators and biomethane producers for all their all connection, development or injection projects. We propose contracts that are adapted to the particular needs of industrial consumers: adjustable contracts for new sites, subscription to a daily capacity for occasional needs or process tests and daily flexibility for certain sites, such as power-fired power plants.

The permanent Gas Dialogue system underpins the initiative already launched by natural gas transporters to listen closely to the market. It provides the dynamic required to build a product and services offer that closely matches the market’s requirements. Participants have a simple and understandable means of becoming actively involved in its development and in the Energy Regulation Commission, which investigates its decisions.

The Gas Dialogue system also collects the information required to understand the French natural gas market in its entirety and the input for discussions on its future.

We cooperate closely with the operators of methane terminals, underground storage facilities and the adjacent transport networks in order to deliver a better service and to facilities cross-border exchanges.

Handling complaints

The account manager is our customers’ preferred point of contact for every complaint. Every complaint is processed by the account manager in three steps:

  1. confirmation of the receipt of the complaint is sent to the customer within 10 calendar days,

  2. the causes at the origin of the complaint are analysed,

  3. a response is sent to the customer within 30 calendar days.

If the complaint is complex and takes more time to process, the customer is informed of approximately how long it will take to respond to its demand.

In accordance with the rules laid down by our code of good conduct that have also been approved by the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE), GRTgaz is committed to processing all customer complaints in an equitable and non-discriminatory manner.

The annual customer satisfaction barometer

Every year, we conduct a satisfaction survey amongst our customers in industry, transport and distribution. For the first year, 2 biomethane producers answered the survey. This survey reveals that our customers trust us to create the conditions of an open and dynamic market. The main results in 2019:

Results of the customers satisfaction survey 2019