A collaboration based on the quest for superior performance

Environnement de travail - direction des achats - photo : Luc Maréchaux

The management of performance for the company involves the management of its suppliers.

Purchasing: key tasks

The Purchasing division makes the purchases required for projects, maintaining works and information systems, and telecommunications, as well as general purchases.

Its role is to: 

  • Design and manage strategic purchases.
    Ensure supplier sourcing, in particular via active monitoring and benchmarks.
    Check the supply market.
    Monitor and develop suppliers’ performance.
    Set up framework contracts or spot contracts.

Different types of contract

GRTgaz makes a distinction between two types of contract: framework contracts and ordinary contracts. For ordinary contracts, the service provider undertakes to deliver a supply, carry out works or perform a service for the benefit of GRTgaz in return for payment. The performance of framework contracts, however, requires that one of more orders are issued.

"The Purchasing, Procurements and Logistic Branch manages its suppliers to achieve superior performance for the company."

Isabelle Ragault-Rolland

Director of Purchasing, Procurement and Logistics

Changes in purchases and breakdown

Engineering maintenance 2016-2020 (€ millions)

Engineering maintenance 2016-2020 (€ millions)


General purchases and it 2016-2020 (€ millions)

General purchases and it 2016-2020 (€ millions)

Breakdown of 2020 purchases

Breakdown of 2020 purchases
Source: Physio des achats 2020