You manage a land use project


If you manage a land use project and you plan to build, extend or modify a building or infrastructure, you must find out whether there are any land planning servitudes or facilities linked to the GRTgaz network in your future work zone. Contacting us from the early stages of your project will allow you to identify any potential impacts as soon as possible. ERP1 and IGH2, which are specific buildings defined by the French regulation are subject to specific regulatory provisions.

1 ERP : Etablissement Recevant du Public 
2 IGH : Immeuble de Grande Hauteur 

Implementing projects near to GRTgaz facilities

How can GRTgaz can help you?

Servitudes d’Utilité Publique (SUP) under Land-use Planning

Works carried out near to GRTgaz facilities

Phases of a safe earth-moving worksite on GRTgaz facilities - french only