Applicable provisions for implementing projects near to GRTgaz facilities

Remember that alongside the provisions applicable to all projects, there are certain specific provisions that you must comply with for ERP1 for more than 100 people and IGH2.

1 ERP : Etablissement Recevant du Public 
2 IGH : Immeuble de Grande Hauteur 

Implementing projects near to gas transmission facilities

GRTgaz stipulates a distance of five meters on both sides of its facilities for the construction of any building.
No construction of any type is allowed above these facilities, which must be accessible at all times to allow the various GRTgaz services to carry out any maintenance work or digging, using suitable equipment.
These stipulations also apply to open-air ERP and to temporary facilities.

To avoid any damage to our facilities, specific provisions may be imposed for technical procedures relating to your project.

Specific provisions applicable to implementing ERP for more than 100 people or IGH near to GRTgaz facilities

The acceptability criteria for the compatibility analysis are based on:

  • the building’s maximum occupancy (from 101 to 300 people, more than 300 people), 
  • the type of building,
  • the type of project.

These factors determine the minimum necessary distance between the project and our facilities (in particular delivery stations and switching stations).