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Pressure guarantee 

You specify your minimum pressure requirement to GRTgaz when requesting connection and throughout the service life of the facilities.
GRTgaz determines the value of the maximum pressure it can guarantee you.

If you require a pressure less than the maximum value that GRTgaz can guarantee, your need is covered without further action. The initial pressure guarantee service enables you to receive the supply pressure needed for your distribution network, free of charge. 

If you require a pressure higher than the maximum value GRTgaz can guarantee, your need cannot be covered without further action. The higher pressure guarantee service can enable you to receive the supply pressure needed for your distribution network, provided this is technically feasible. 

In all cases, the maximum pressure that GRTgaz can guarantee at the beginning of your branch connection is 42 bar relative. 

This service is paid as an annual fee. 

Pressure availability study

Is your pressure requirement higher than the maximum value GRTgaz can guarantee?

GRTgaz offers to carry out a study to give you the best available information to assess the risks of non-availability of the delivery pressure, the consequences of this non-availability, and to protect yourself against it if necessary.

GRTgaz determines a likely number of hours when the pressure you require will be unavailable. This is a rough estimate of the number of hours during which you will not receive the minimum requested pressure. It may or may not be cumulative.

This study is based on a three-year period. It can be updated every year, on request.

Low pressure alert 

If the pressure availability study concludes that the pressure required will be unavailable for less than 600 hours/year, GRTgaz offers to set up an alert system to warn you when the pressure falls below a pre-determined threshold.

These alerts are communicated by fax or email.

Do you want to know the main constituents of the natural gas and the energy consumed on your distribution network, in real time? To make this possible, GRTgaz offers to install equipment on the delivery point enabling you to obtain real-time information about the quality of the gas reaching your industrial process.

GRTgaz provides the following as part of this service:

  • corrected metering data (corrected volumes index, corrected volume flow rate) from the delivery point,
  • gas quality data (PCS, Wobbe index, major constituents of natural gas).

In addition to the meter and the volume conversion device that are routinely installed, GRTgaz also provides a gas chromatograph, a data analysis laboratory and remote transmission equipment.

You have signed a connection contract.  GRTgaz makes the following available on the customer portal, free of charge Trans@ctions: 

  • hourly and daily logs related to metering (corrected volumes and delivered energy),
  • your consumption data history
  • daily data relating to the main characteristics of the gas (PCS, content of CH4, CO2, etc.)

Receiving measurements in real time

You have customers connected to your distribution network whose industrial process is sensitive to variations in one or more natural gas parameters (PCS, Wobbe index, etc.) and you want to send them information about these variations, so that they can optimise their settings and production. 

QUALiPgaz allows you to receive measurements made by your distribution network's nearest chromatograph, free of charge and in real time.

For specific needs (paid services)

If you want to know your corrected metering data in real time and receive alarms associated with the safety of your delivery point, you can register for the Information Service through the delivery point;

If you want to be warned about a variation in PCS or any other component of the natural gas, you can register for the Information Service regarding the characteristics of the gas provided by the GRTgaz Regional Surveillance Centre (CSR);

If you want to be warned about a pressure variation, you can register for the Information Service relating to the availability of the delivery pressure provided by the GRTgaz Regional Surveillance Centre.

The price is fixed and paid as an annual fee.

You want assurance that your supply will not be disrupted during scheduled maintenance work on the GRTgaz network.

GRTgaz has different solutions to ensure the continuity of supply for your distribution network:

  • Piped gas 50 bar
  • Piped gas 200 bar
  • Reduced storage capacities  
  • Stopple 
  • Piped LNG 

You can access this service as soon as you have signed a connection contract.    

The price is set by quotation, depending on the length of the operation and the flow rate required.


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