The day-to-day workings of your connection

Operation, maintenance and changes to your consumption

Branch connection

GRTgaz determines and carries out the operating and preventive and corrective maintenance operations for the branch connection. 
These operations cover:

  • Monitoring our network
  • Inspecting our facilities
  • Cathodic protection
  • Pipeline section repair and/or replacement

Delivery point

GRTgaz determines and carries out the operating and preventative measures that are necessary for the proper functioning of the delivery point, at its own expense.

These operations consist of:

  • Monitoring the delivery point
    This involves a sensory examination (visual, auditory, etc.) to ensure the overall integrity of delivery point equipment.
  • Inspecting the delivery point
    This involves ensuring that its component devices are compliant.

    GRTgaz determines and carries out the operating and corrective maintenance operations for the delivery point. These operations maintain or restore the performance of appliances, valves or any other component of the delivery point or local measuring device.

These so-called "3R" operations cover: 

  • Repair: Troubleshooting and repair of an appliance.
  • Replacement: Standard exchange of an appliance before it reaches the end of its service life.
  • Renewal: At the end of its service life, an appliance or delivery point is renewed with one that has the same functionality.

Your consumption changes

GRTgaz helps you to research the best solutions to optimise your natural gas usage and save money.

If your gas consumption changes, you can ask GRTgaz to modify your delivery point to meet your new requirements. The delivery point may be partially or completely renewed.
GRTgaz handles this renewal, under certain conditions.

If you have chosen to pay for the Repair, Replacement and Renewal (3R) operations annually, GRTgaz takes the payments already received into account when setting the price for the adjusted flow rate. The price also varies depending on how long you have been paying the 3R fee (for more or less than 30 years).

GRTgaz gives a Development Discount to customers seeking to develop their natural gas uses if their project is linked to a modification of their connection facilities. The discount partially covers the handling of these works. The amount is proportional to the projected transmission income, estimated on a timescale of up to ten years. It can be up to 50% of the connection costs. 
In return, the customer undertakes to submit an Advanced Reservation Contract for Transmission Capacity (CRAC) to reserve the capacities used in calculating the discount. 
We provide a simulator to help select your level of reserved capacity and the length of the CRAC.

GRTgaz determines and carries out partial or total renewal operations if the delivery point becomes obsolete.

  • For total renewal, the delivery point is replaced.The natural gas supply may be interrupted for a few days.
  • For partial renewal, only certain elements of the delivery point are replaced.

The price for partial or total renewal is included in the annual Repair, Replacement & Renewal fee. However, if you have opted to pay on a per call-out basis, you will be required to pay the full cost of the partial or total renewal.

Disconnecting and restoring supply

If you want to stop your natural gas consumption for a period of less than one year, GRTgaz carries out work on the delivery point to stop the flow and to restore it when this period comes to an end. This service can be carried out free of charge once per year, and during business hours. Specific requests are invoiced upon quotation.

Closure of the delivery point

If you want to stop your natural gas consumption for a period of between one and four years, GRTgaz carries out work on the connection facilities to ensure they are safely isolated and that the delivery post is free of gas.

During the specified period, GRTgaz ensures the safety of the connection facilities. GRTgaz also carries out routine maintenance and takes any action required under the regulations relating to natural gas transmission.

You can ask GRTgaz to recommission the connection facilities up to six months before the end of the specified period.

At the end of the specified period, GRTgaz decommissions the connection facilities permanently.


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