"Renewable gases are the third gas revolution"

Thierry Trouvé interview

“The third gas revolution is that of renewable gases: biomethane and hydrogen”. The French strategic plan relies on carbon-free hydrogen, it is an essential lever for achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. We must think about its logistics today and at European level.

Hydrogen: what will be its place in the 3rd gas revolution?

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"GRTgaz will use its skills for the hydrogen market."

The head of GRTgaz’s new Hydrogen Department, Anthony Mazzenga, summarises GRTgaz’s role in the development and uses of hydrogen. Gas is a vector for industrial carbon reduction. Renewable gases will play a major role in this process, and hydrogen provides a breakthrough solution. As an operator that coordinates the market, GRTgaz has a legitimate interest in using its skills and its transmission network to offer a development platform to the hydrogen industry.