Strong regional interest in producing gas from solid waste and residues
Pyrogasification conference organised on 21 October 2021 by GRTgaz

Several institutional and economic players have reaffirmed their interest in pyrogasification at a digital conference organised on 21 October 2021 by GRTgaz. SYCTOM1, the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region, the Plaine de l’Ain Joint Local Authority, and CRIGEN2 all expressed this at the conference. GRTgaz are publishing a map of the projects launched in France to illustrate the regional dynamics of this energy sector of the future.

1 A metropolitan household waste agency providing a public service for the treatment and recovery of household waste in 85 municipalities in Ile-de-France.
2 Engie Group’s R&D and expertise centre focussed on new energy sources, new energy uses in cities, buildings and the industry of the future, including its impact on the environment and sociology, and emerging technologies.

Technology overview and outlook

Pyrogasification is an innovative process for producing gas for injection into existing networks. This process transforms poorly recovered or non-recovered solid residues (used wood, non-recycled plastics, solid recovered fuels, etc.) into gases by heating them at high temperatures (between 800 and 1500°) with little or no oxygen.

Pyrogasification for injection has now reached a level of technological maturity that means we can envisage the construction of the first industrial facilities in France from 2023. By 2030, the network operators’ forecast assessment based on the goals set out in the regional plans (SRADDET3 and specific studies) shows that pyrogasification could represent 6 TWh of injected gas per year, i.e. up to 1 million tonnes of CO2 avoided. 

This technology of the future will thus contribute to achieving 100% renewable or low-carbon gas consumption in France by 2050.

3 SRADDET: Regional land planning, sustainable development and territorial equality scheme.

Overview of pyrogasification for injection in France

More than ten commercial projects and gas production demonstrators in France have already been made public. A wide range of stakeholders are involved in these projects (local authorities, waste treatment operators, manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, etc.). 

>> Details of pyrogasification projects in ODRÉ website

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