Nova, a start-up incubator

GRTgaz announces the creation of Nova, a start-up incubator focused on the energy transition, and has just launched its first call for applications.
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GRTgaz is involved in a CAP24 corporate project designed to accelerate its industrial, technological and digital transformation so as to gear its infrastructure towards transporting carbon-free or low-carbon gas. Research and innovation play a key role in achieving this aim. Through its new incubator Nova, GRTgaz is providing start-ups engaged in developing solutions for the industrial, energy and ecological transition with the opportunity to accelerate their growth, while at the same time sharing their expertise. The call for applications has just been launched.

The Nova by GRTgaz incubator is designed for start-ups engaged in developing innovative solutions to do with renewable gas, hydrogen, decarbonising uses, industry 4.0, operational performance, security and optimising assets. Through this incubator, GRTgaz's aim is to identify new products, services and tools for optimising its own performance, as well as that of its clients.

Starting in November 2022, Nova will welcome its first cohort of five start-ups for a 12-month period. They will get shared working areas at GRTgaz's premises. They will also enjoy the support of its RICE research and innovation centre in the Hauts-de-Seine region. This will include access to testing areas and input from researchers for internal tests. Furthermore, the Nova incubator will provide the start-ups with bespoke technical, methodological and entrepreneurial support (market studies, economic studies, intellectual property, business models, etc.).

« Je me réjouis du lancement de Nova, dispositif d’incubation offrant la chance à des entrepreneurs de trouver un lieu d’accueil, d’expérimentations et de croissance. Pour certains, ce sera le tremplin qu’ils pouvaient souhaiter pour aller plus loin ».

Pierre Blouet

Directeur de RICE, Centre de Recherche, Développement et Innovation de GRTgaz

Launch of the first call for projects running from 15 June to 16 August 2022

In order to identify the most promising young companies, on Wednesday 15 June, GRTgaz launched a call for applications targeting start-ups. All the details are available on GRTgaz's Open Innovation Factory website. They will have until 16 August 2022 to apply. The applications will be assessed by a panel made up of managers and experts. The names of the chosen start-ups will be selected in September. They will then be required to give oral presentations. These will be an opportunity for them to pitch their solution live to the panel of experts on GRTgaz's premises. The winners will then join the Nova incubator's first cohort in November 2022.

Pierre Blouet, Director of GRTgaz's RICE Centre for Research, Development and Innovation said:
“I am delighted with the launch of Nova, an incubator providing entrepreneurs with a setting in which they can take root, undertake testing and grow. For some, this will be the springboard they need to go even further. And for our research teams and innovation project leaders, it is an opportunity to directly witness the process whereby innovative technology solutions are launched on the market. I am absolutely certain that the start-ups hosted will get to enjoy the unique conditions they need to succeed, and the perfect ecosystem for growing and engaging in testing”.

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