Hydrothermal Gasification

Along with 26 multi-sector partners, GRTgaz is launching1 the national Hydrothermal Gasification Working Group (WG). The group’s aim is to help structure the sector in France by 2023 and to expand it into Europe. More broadly, it wants to contribute to the goals of the energy transition and the circular economy.

Hydrothermal gasification complements the biomethane production and pyrogasification sectors. It is an innovative technology that produces renewable gas that can be injected into the gas networks from wet or liquid biomass waste and residues. The Hydrothermal Gasification WG aims to bring together sector stakeholders from across its entire value chain, including developers, renewable gas producers, water and waste treatment companies, users, equipment manufacturers, associations, design offices, gas network managers, research laboratories and local authorities.

All the partners recognise hydrothermal gasification’s potential to process liquid or wet waste whose current recovery levels are small, non-existent or insufficient; to promote various circular economy models; to participate in the decarbonisation of the industrial, residential, services and transport sectors; and to contribute to a mix of 100% renewable gas in the French and European gas networks.

Making hydrothermal gasification part of the energy landscape

The WG’s goal is to coordinate, structure and consolidate the hydrothermal gasification sector. It will help create a multi-actor, multi-use ecosystem to give the technology a solid footing in the regions and successfully transition to an industrial scale. As part of this, the WG will launch specific projects to classify materials and recoverable flows (e.g. partial hydrogen production), identify externalities, define applicable technical regulations, develop business models, and obtain feedback on existing pilots and demonstrators. The WG will be a key contact for public authorities, local authorities, civil society, and economic, agricultural and industrial stakeholders.

The WG is open to all partners who wish to join it in contributing to the development of the French hydrothermal gasification sector.

1 The WG includes: The Loire Bretagne Water Agency, the French Gas Association (AFG), Amorce, Arol Energy, Banzo, CARENE, CEREMA Ouest, CEA Liten, ENGIE, Greenmac, GRDF, GRTgaz, Ineris, Leroux et Lotz Technologies, Naldeo, Naskeo, Nevezus, Prodeval, S3D, SAUR, Suez, the French Renewable Energies Union (SER), Top Industrie, TreaTech, Veolia, Vinci Environnement, WeNext.

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