GRTgaz Core Purpose and CAP24 transformation project

GRTgaz publishes its results, unveils its Core Purpose, and presents its CAP24 transformation project focused on the energy transition.
Core Purpose of GRTgaz and CAP24 transformation project

For Thierry Trouvé, Managing Director of GRTgaz: "the CAP24 project bodes well for future transformations supporting a 100% carbon-neutral gas mix in 2050, mainly from renewable sources. At this point, GRTgaz is preparing a fundamentally different dual transmission network for significantly lower consumption volumes. All the gas transported will be of renewable or low-carbon origin, and a portion of the current pipes will have been converted specifically for hydrogen."

2020: a strong year for the GRTgaz group

Despite the health crisis, the GRTgaz group (composed of GRTgaz France, GRTgaz Deutschland and Elengy) posted 2020 results in line with expectations: stable turnover compared to 20191 of €2,279 million, and net income of €341 million (compared to €325 million in 2019). Group investments for 2020 came to €415 million, reflecting the company’s current challenges (maintenance/security of facilities, the energy and digital transition, continuity of transmission).

GRTgaz has 32,500 km of pipelines in France with 641 TWh of gas transported, 28 compression stations (including two reverse flow facilities2 in 2020) and 945 customers (shippers, distributors, manufacturers and biomethane producers). In 2020, it confirmed its status as Europe's second-largest gas infrastructure operator, focused firmly on the energy transition. 

A Core Purpose to guide the strategy and unite all of its stakeholders

Following a long consultation phase, GRTgaz added a Core Purpose to its Articles of Association, bringing multiple ambitions under the same umbrella:

"Together, we enable an energy future that is safe, affordable and climate neutral".

This Core Purpose consisting of five pillars  is an expansion of GRTgaz’s public service role. It enhances GRTgaz’s legitimacy as an infrastructure operator supporting a hybrid, decarbonised energy system, and it steers the company’s innovation and diversification as part of the energy transition.

CAP24: a new business plan accelerating GRTgaz’ transformation

In line with its Core Purpose, GRTgaz has come up with a new business plan, CAP24, which sets out the company's goals and strategic objectives for 2021-2024. GRTgaz wants to step up the development of the renewable gas and hydrogen sectors. Its aim is to achieve 12 TWh injected in 2024:

  • 2024 vision for the biomethane sector:
    GRTgaz aims to connect around 100 biomethane production sites to its network and install around 40 “reverse flow” facilities (compared to three as present). The goal is to accommodate new production at the lowest cost to the community, and to give project owners increased visibility.
  • 2024 vision for innovative biogas sectors (pyrogasification and hydrothermal gasification): GRTgaz aims to begin the industrialisation of these sectors that produce renewable or carbon-neutral gases from solid or liquid waste. The pyrogasification demonstrators with various inputs (the Titan V, Synthane and Plainénergie projects) in which GRTgaz has invested will have produced low-carbon methane, and an initial commercial pyrogasification project supported by GRTgaz will have been selected. Also, a first pre-industrial hydrothermal gasification demonstrator will be commissioned in St-Nazaire.
  • 2024 vision for the hydrogen sector:
    GRTgaz's R&D department will have to show that our facilities have the capacity to accommodate pure or mixed hydrogen (FenHyx platform), as well as the potential for Power to Gas technology to transform renewable electricity into renewable gas (Jupiter 1000 demonstrator).  The cross-border mosaHYc (Moselle Sarre HY Drogène Conversion) project to convert two 70 km pipelines to transport pure hydrogen will be near to commissioning. This will be a first step towards a dedicated hydrogen network. It will be connected to salt cavity hydrogen storage sites, extending from Fos-Marseille to the Grand-Est region and connecting to the German hydrogen transport network.

The transmission network will continue its transformation, aiming to become increasingly connected and to accommodate these new decarbonised gases. It will have to adapt to the development of gas uses in the mobility sector, and GRTgaz plans to connect 16 additional fuelling stations to its network by 2024 (i.e. a total of 370 stations available for approximately 25,000 HGVs running on NGV).

As part of a new 2021-2024 CSR policy to support the implementation of the Core Purpose, GRTgaz confirms an emissions outlook that is in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. By 2024, GRTgaz plans to reduce its CO2 emissions by 20% compared to 2019, and to cut its methane emissions by a factor of five compared to 2016. 

1 GRTgaz France: €1,877 million turnover, Elengy:  €305 million turnover, GRTgaz Deutschland: €97 million turnover
2 Facility that compresses surplus biomethane and directs it from the distribution network to the transmission network
3 The five pillars: Serving the general interest – Being responsible actors – A conviction that the energy transition requires innovation – Upholding humanist values – Engagement with our stakeholders

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