GRTgaz announces delivery of the first physical flows from France to Germany

Starting today, physical gas deliveries can be made to Germany via the Obergailbach interconnection point (in the Moselle region), thanks to GRTgaz.
Station d'interconnexion d'Obergailbach - photo : Roland Mouron

As the unprecedented energy crisis resulting from the war in Ukraine continues to its toll, France is standing shoulder-to-shoulder with its neighbour Germany and is sending it gas directly.

With deliveries of Russian gas to Europe having significantly fallen and at a time of rising European solidarity regarding the security of the energy supply, GRTgaz has taken action to adapt its network and formalise a proposal in order to sell gas transport capacity to Germany. 

In September, GRTgaz's proposal was examined by stakeholders on the market, as part of a consultation organised by the Commission de Régulation de l’Energie (France's Energy Regulatory Committee).

With the deliberations that the CRE has just published, GRTgaz has been able to bring the new France-Germany capacity into service in Obergailbach: sale of the first physical flows of odorised gas started at 31 GWh/d. Capacity will be assessed on a daily basis according to network conditions, and will be a maximum of 100 GWh/d.

The only existing interconnection point between France and Germany was originally designed to operate in the Germany-France direction. GRTgaz, working closely alongside German gas transport companies (OGE and GRTgaz Deutschland), has made the technical changes needed to reverse the flow of the interconnection and enable flows from France to Germany.

It will still be possible to reverse the flow (from Germany to France).

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Maintenance sur la station d'interconnexion d'Alfortville - Photo : Franck Dunouau

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