GRTgaz and Cerema formalise their partnership at the European Energy Transition Conference

Cerema (a French public agency for developing public expertise in the fields of urban planning, regional cohesion and the ecological and energy transition) and GRTgaz (France’s leading gas transmission operator) are heavily involved in the ecological and energy transition. They are joining forces as part of a combined national- and regional-level action plan concerning the role of renewable gas sectors in the regions. 

Cerema and GRTgaz have worked together on several projects. Their collaboration as part of the Pact for the ecological and industrial transition of the Cordemais power plant and the Loire (44) estuary led to an initial French “hydrothermal gasification” demonstrator project (the so-called “GHAMa”) being established as one of the Pact’s future projects. This technology recovers of all types of organic wet waste as renewable gas, at both regional and national levels. Cerema also plays an active role in the national hydrothermal gasification working group launched in March 2021 by GRTgaz, the goal of which is to give this technology a foothold in the regions and expand it to an industrial scale.

As a next step, GRTgaz and Cerema have decided to formalise a national and regional partnership with the following strategic goals:

  • Work together to increase knowledge about renewable gas throughout France: set up regional discussions; develop intersecting skills related to regional issues and renewable gas (including hydrogen); inform local authorities and promote regional dialogue about planning issues and the energy transition;
  • Support the emergence of French innovative renewable gas production sectors as waste recovery solutions for local authorities (hydrothermal gasification and pyrogasification ) by generating feedback, addressing regulatory aspects, stressing their ecological and climatic benefits, and broaching acceptability issues;
  • Expand discussions on target topics such as the energy transition in industrial port zones, ecological continuity, and the energy outlook.

“This partnership with GRTgaz reflects our shared desire to help step up the development of renewable gas in line with national goals and in response to the challenges facing local authorities, which have become especially pressing due to the international crisis affecting the energy sector.”

Annabelle Ferry

Cerema Director for Regions and Cities

“This partnership with Cerema reflects GRTgaz’s desire to work as closely as possible with the regions by sharing its expertise in renewable gas, including hydrogen. The collaboration is a demonstration of our core purpose: the energy transition is something that happens in practical terms, working on the ground with all regional stakeholders.”

Catherine Brun

General Secretary of GRTgaz