GRTgaz and the CEA launch a jointly run lab to help deliver the energy transition

The CEA and GRTgaz have given new impetus to their collaboration by signing a research agreement to create a joint lab designed to help create the energy landscape of the future. The joint initiative was formalised on Tuesday 28 June at the CEA’s Saclay site (south-western Paris) in the presence of GRTgaz CEO Thierry Trouvé and the CEA's Technical Research Director, Stéphane Siebert.

The CEA and GRTgaz – via its RICE Research and Development centre, have been working together for a number of years now on various research projects, in particular "Jupiter 1000", GRTgaz's renewable hydrogen and e-methane production demonstrator. 

Both parties want to use this joint laboratory to explore a number of areas, including:

  • ways of producing renewable and low-carbon gas, including pyrogasification1 or Power-to-Gas2,
  • comparative assessments of these production technologies and their various environmental merits,,
  • analysing the effects of hydrogen on the materials used to make the gas transport pipe systems, 
  • the way in which energy networks interact and complement one another (gas, electricity, heat, etc.) so as to address future challenges associated with transporting renewable energies from where they are produced to consumers, These issues will include balancing the networks, developing energy storage solutions and searching for ways to optimise the energy system.

1 Pyrogasification: a process whereby solid waste and biomass are converted into renewable gas
2 Process whereby electrolysis is used to transform electricity of renewable origin into hydrogen or synthetic methane (by getting the hydrogen to react with CO2): Power-to-Gas.

“We are proud of this wide-ranging collaboration with the CEA. As a public service company, it will enable us to increase our energy sovereignty and open up new prospects for supporting the development of renewable energies through a multi-energy approach – one which will place emphasis on the way in which molecules and electrons complement one another”

Thierry Trouvé

CEO of GRTgaz

“Thanks to our teams at the CEA, who are totally invested in embracing energy-related challenges, we have built a solid relationship based on trust with our partner’s engineers, all of whom are utterly focused on developing a sound understanding of these new technologies and delivering solutions that will completely change the environmental circumstances, while at the same time remaining relevant from an economic perspective”

Stéphane Siebert

Technical research director at the CEA

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