Summer gas outlook

Capacity of the transmission network to fill gas storage facilities before the 2021-2022 gas winter

For the first time, GRTgaz and Teréga are releasing a Summer Outlook in which they examine shippers’ ability to fill storage facilities before the arrival of next winter. Results are positive, and no major risks have been identified at this stage.

Late injections

At the end of the 2020-2021 gas winter, the average refilling level for French storage facilities was 19%. While significantly lower than for the past two years, this level was not exceptional and did not foreshadow any particular trouble in replenishing gas stocks over the summer.

However, market conditions led shippers to postpone their injections, which began more slowly than usual. At end-May, only 21% of injections due to be carried out over the summer had been completed.
It should be recalled that injections into the storage facilities are restricted by infrastructure operators’ planned maintenance, as well as by any congestion that could affect the network depending on gas flows.

The security of supply should be guaranteed

This study focussed in particular on the Atlantique and Lussagnet storage facilities. 

These represent almost two-thirds of the volume to be injected, and experience the highest levels of restrictions due to network maintenance and congestion. Factors that could lead to congestion and restrict injection are any significant outgoing gas flows to the Pirineos point in Spain, coupled with weak LNG volumes in Montoir and Fos.

The studies have nevertheless shown that the flows needed to Pirineos and LNG terminals to refill the storage facilities, while staying within the network limits, are in line with historic numbers.

So at this stage there is no particular concern that stocks will not be properly replenished. Conditions are therefore in place for shippers to refill the storage facilities, assuming that regular injections are made over the summer.

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Guaranteeing the continuity of gas transmission through its network is one of GRTgaz’s main responsibilities - photo: Cédric Helsly

Guaranteeing the continuity of gas transmission