Right to injection

A new version of the network access map is available
Usine de méthanisation de Combrand - Photo : Thierry Duquéroix

The biomethane network access map has just been updated. It incorporates 295 prescriptive zonings approved by the CRE, so 105 new zonings since the previous version of March 2021. All these zonings will allow the injection of more than 1000 projects representing an annual production of approximately 33 TWh.

Biomethane network access mapping

Identify your project on the map to visualise the financial challenges linked to connection.

Legend : techno-economic criterion [€/Nm3/h]

Legend : techno-economic criterion [€/Nm3/h]

The network operators work together to define the connection zoning, that is to say the optimal network scheme according to the injection projects and the methanable potential of an area, while minimising the costs of adapting and strengthening the networks. These adaptation costs may be covered by network operators under conditions defined by the "right to injection".

The mapping presents as follow :

  • In green, areas where costs can be covered by operators
  • In grey, zoning where third party involvement (e.g. producer, community, …) is required


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