The MAGPIE Project

River-sea ports of the Seine arm to become involved in the decarbonisation of uses at the European level.
Crédit photo : Gettyimages

The ambition with the MAGPIE project (sMArt Green Ports as Integrated Efficient multimodal hubs), launched last 10 March, is to speed up the development of sustainable European seaports.

Steered by the Port of Rotterdam, with the contribution in France of Haropa Port, Grand Port fluvio-maritime de l'axe Seine, the ports of Sines, in Portugal, and Delta Port, in Germany, the project is being carried out with 44 partners (research institutes, universities and private enterprises).

It has resulted in the launch of twelve pilot activities in three key areas: the energy transition and the development of low-carbon alternative energies, such as bioGNL; smart technologies applied to energy operations; and river and rail links with the hinterland. As a reminder, in the Seine Valley, GRTgaz is involved in the AviCAFE (Low Emission Fuel Filling) project for the development of alternative fuels, alongside Haropa Port.

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