Discover soTerritoires, our information media for regional decision-makers

This new media seeks to provide tangible solutions offered by gas energy, in particular renewable gas, and GRTgaz to support the energy transition throughout France.
Couverture soTerritoires n°1 - septembre 2021

Decision-makers can use these highly practical topics and examples to draw inspiration from projects implemented in the regions.

Contents of this first edition include a file on the rise of gas-powered mobility, an “in pictures” section about the Gennevilliers NGV station, and many news items about renewable gases.

This material will be sent twice yearly in the form of a newsletter and a printed newspaper.


Territorial journal

soTerritoires no.1

Latest News

Mareuil-lès-Meaux (Seine-et-marne) reverse flow unity - Photo: Luc Maréchaux
25 AUG 2021 - Renewable gases -

Reverse flow rollout: positive momentum

27 JUL 2021 - Renewable gases -

Public forum for a diversified mobility energy mix including (bio)gas and hydrogen

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