Consultation of low-carbon and renewable hydrogen market actors

Teréga and GRTgaz publish their first review of the consultation aimed at all actors in the hydrogen market.
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In June 2021, Teréga and GRTgaz launched a consultation of actors in the low-carbon and renewable hydrogen market on a national scale. It comes out of a need for planning of the grid, identified by Teréga and GRTgaz, both to respond to the needs of hydrogen market actors at the local, national and European levels, but also to capitalise in the longer term on existing infrastructures used for gas transport.

A dynamic hydrogen market and engaged actors

Teréga and GRTgaz received more than 130 responses to the consultation questionnaire, allowing them precisely to identify 90 potential production and/or consumption sites across the whole of France.

Market actors wanted to go beyond merely responding to the questionnaire, seeking nearly 60 two-way exchanges with Teréga and GRTgaz to go into further detail about their needs and expectations in respect of transport and decarbonisation.

The first findings of the H2 consultation

Teréga and GRTgaz publish on the 6th of October the main findings of this consultation of hydrogen actors on the development of the H2 market in France.

This initial feedback from the H2 consultation presents the profiles of those responding to the consultation, along with the way in which actors envisage the hydrogen market developing. Teréga and GRTgaz have also incorporated the needs expressed by actors in the hydrogen market to allow deployment of H2 as an energy carrier in France.

Next stages in the H2 consultation

In-depth analysis of all the feedback from the consultation will help fine-tune the planning of hydrogen grids in France on the basis of a vision, over time, of the volumes consumed and produced as well as their geographical location. That planning may need to change according to the outcomes of future consultation rounds. We want to make this interaction with hydrogen market actors an ongoing process, to integrate evolving needs and ensure that this joint construction of the grid serves the public interest.

The final report is expected to come out early in 2022. It will be accompanied by an information webinar led jointly by Teréga and GRTgaz.

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