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09 MAR 2021

Presentation of GRTgaz' activities

Presentation of GRTgaz and its activities: renewable gas, research and development, infrastructure maintenance...
Duration: 1'59''
04 MAR 2021

Power to Gas

A solution of the future for storing electricity from renewable sources
Duration: 3'04
04 MAR 2021

Synthesis gas injection by pyrogasification

Pyrogasification or how to make the most of locally available deposits to inject renewable gas into the networks while promoting the establishment of an efficient circular economy in the territory.
Duration: 2'37''
04 MAR 2021

Hydrothermal gasification

Hydrothermal gasification, a thermochemical process at high pressure (250 to 300 bars) and at high temperature (between 400 and 700 ° C) is emerging as a promising new technology for treating and converting liquid biomass into renewable gas.
Duration: 2'38''
04 MAR 2021

Reverse technology: new solution to develop renewable gas

These facilities make possible to compress the biomethane so as to inject it into the transport network, as far as the distribution network cannot absorb it.
Durée : 3'06''
Thierry Trouvé, Directeur général de GRTgaz
09 FEB 2021

Thierry Trouvé

Chief Executive Officer
Photo: Christophe Boulze
 Pierre DUVIEUSART, Directeur Général Adjoint
09 FEB 2021

Pierre Duvieusart

Deputy CEO
Crédit photo: Christophe Boulze
Jean-François Plaziat, Directeur Projets et Ingénierie - Responsable Domaine Projets
09 FEB 2021

Jean-François Plaziat

Projects & Engineering Director - Head of the Projects Domain
Benoît MIGNARD, Adjoint au Directeur Général, Resp. Domaine Finance, Achats, Logistique
09 FEB 2021

Benoît Mignard

Deputy CEO of GRTgaz, in charge of Finance, Purchasing and Logistics