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GRTgaz and TIGF, on the way to implement the single marketplace on November 1st, 2018

The Operational Network Structure Working Group of the Concertation on June 2nd of this year in Paris was the opportunity for GRTgaz and TIGF to present to the market the single future marketplace project to be implemented in 2018. It will lead to an attractive and competitive gas market over the long term, thanks to a single gas price in France as well as an increased cash flow and an efficient interconnection between France and other European marketplaces.

The single marketplace will work in compliance with the principles which have been selected to create the TRS with a balancing GRTgaz area and a balancing TIGF area. Thus, GRTgaz has to merge its North zone with its South one. In order to prepare for this and to be in line with TIGF and meet the deadline set for November 1st 2018, GRTgaz teams went into action thanks to the Zéfir project(1).

In addition to the necessary infrastructures (Val de Saône and Gascogne Midi) that are determined and optimized together with the market in order to cover as many flows as possible, additional mechanisms need to be developed to ensure the smooth running of the future single marketplace in all circumstances.

To this end, there is only one instruction: co-construction. Both TSOs wish to give the market a simple and competitive offer, built and operated together with the customers. Thus, the offer will have to identify the information to be communicated to the market, in a steady and dynamic way, in order to allow the customers to make their choices of supply freely while being assured of the physical feasibility by the networks.

Both GRTgaz and TIGF are already creating a tool designated to help implement the co-construction which will allow customers to test the operating of the single marketplace. This will enable them to understand the effects and the operability of the different mechanisms thought to manage the residual limits.

Customers will thus be completely associated to this project at each stage, in particular via the Concertation Gaz. GRTgaz invites the stakeholders to participate actively!

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