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Purchasing, Procurement and Logistics Portal

This dedicated portal presents the organisation of the Purchasing, Procurement and Logistics Department, the main key figures, and the list of purchasing segments.

Attached to the Finance and Purchasing Domain, it includes a general staff, a performance division and three operational divisions:

  • D2AL missions

    • Management and Performance Division
      • Provide support for D2AL management
      • Contribute to and measure the development of Purchasing and Logistics performance
      • Raising employee awareness about Safety within D2AL
      • Manage the Open Innovation Challenges scheme in collaboration with the GRTgaz R&D Centre, RICE
      • Manage the Purchasing and Technical qualifications of GRTgaz suppliers
    • Purchasing Division
      • Make purchases for IT system, telecoms and general purchasing projects and purchases
      • Develop and manage purchasing segment strategies
      • Ensure sourcing and benchmarking
      • Adapt supplier relations and strengthen feedback about their performance
      • Put framework contracts in place
      • Manage supplier performance in conjunction with buyers and contract managers from the GRTgaz Engineering Department
    • Industrial Logistics and Procurement Division
      • Ensure the supply of standard gas equipment for GRTgaz beneficiaries in the context of maintenance operations, construction projects and the renovation of transport and maintenance structures
      • Manage the stock of equipment on the Châteauroux logistics platform
    • Tertiary Logistics Division
      • Managing third-party security contracts and FM contracts
      • Develop and manage GRTgaz’s insurance policies and the Real Estate Master Plan
      • Develop a suitable real estate doctrine
      • Managing multi-year plans for real estate works and services
      • Develop a sustainable development component for vehicle and real estate policies
      • Provide an environmentally and economically efficient fleet of vehicles that meets the needs of GRTgaz employees
      • Develop the company’s NGV fleet
  • Key figures (2018 financial year)

    Total Purchases in 2018 amounted to €914 million (including energy purchases). These were divided into:

    • €703 million Engineering & Maintenance purchasing
    • €211 million General Purchasing & IT & Telecoms Purchasing

    Key figures (2018 financial year)

  • Segments d’achats

    The purchasing segments are detailed as follows:


    Segment contact

    • Operations and maintenance
      • On-site painting / coating
      • Clearance / maintenance of easement strips & weed control of workstations
      • Inspection of structures
      • Cathodic protection
      • Network monitoring and air surveillance
      • Chemicals
      • Maintenance (compression, metering)
      • Operations on in-service installations
      • Repair of structures
    • Maintenance - Verification - Inspection
      • Maintenance (compression, metering)
      • Metering – Calibration
      • Regulatory inspections and tests
    • Maintenance Engineering Services
      • Upstream pipe installation services
      • Data management
      • Expertise and analyses
      • Studies and technical supervision
      • Safety and Regulations
    • Installation of pipes and special points
    • Industrial piping
      • Industrial piping work
    • Civil engineering, construction, earthworks
      • Civil engineering, Buildings, Earthworks, Roads and Utility Services
    • Supply and equipment (without maintenance)
      • Chemicals
      • Signalling (terminals & beacons)
      • Cathodic protection equipment
      • Coating
      • Repair, welding and coupling equipment
      • Piping accessories (flanges, threaded rods, nuts and bolts seals, immersion sleeves)
    • Appliances and equipment
      • Insulating fittings
      • Control valves
      • Valves
      • Boilermaking (Cylinder head doors - Scraper piston stands, Heat exchangers, Filters, Separators)
      • Expansion vaults and associated equipment
      • Gas measurement and quality (Meters, Calculators, Chromatographs, Measuring instruments, Nitrogen)
    • Specialized services
      • Physical environment studies
      • Studies and project management
      • Safety and Regulations
    • Network accessories
      • Piping accessories (flanges, threaded rods, nuts and bolts, seals, immersion sleeves)
      • Insulating fittings
      • Control valves
      • Valves
      • Boilermaking (Cylinder head doors - Scraper piston stands, Heat exchangers, Filters, Separators)
      • Expansion vaults and associated equipment
      • Gas measurement and quality (Meters, Calculators, Chromatographs, Measuring instruments, Nitrogen)
    • Tubes and Valves
      • Tubes, valves and actuators
      • Shaped parts (Elbows / Reductions / Tees / Bellied end plates)
    • Compression
      • Gas compression (supply and maintenance)
      • Air compression (supply and maintenance)
    • Electricity Instrumentation Automatism
      • Electricity – Instrumentation Automatism
    • Safety
      • Guarding, maintaining operational conditions and remote surveillance
      • Works
    • Remote transmission
      • Remote transmission equipment
      • Remote transmission work
    • Energy


    Interlocuteur du segment

    • IT services
    • Software (licenses and maintenance, SaaS software)
    • IT and telecoms equipment
    • Telecommunications Services
    • Industrial IT


    Segment Contact

    • Transport and travel (vehicles, travel, logistics)
    • Communication
    • Technical supplies (general equipment, miscellaneous tools)
    • Consultancy
    • Human resources (training, temporary work, etc.)
    • Property, Office Furniture and Supplies

    Date de mise à jour le 19 juin 2019

The steps to becoming a supplier:

  • 1) What GRTgaz requires:

    In order to work with GRTgaz, a company must satisfy the following main criteria:

    • satisfy legal obligations,especially by being listed in the French business register (or local equivalent for foreign companies),
    • is not in court-ordered liquidation, bankruptcy without the capacity to carry out its activities, legal transfer, or any similar situation arising from proceedings of the same nature that exist within its national legislation or regulations,
    • is operating legally, in that it has fulfilled all of its obligations with regards to payment of taxes and social security contributions, in accordance with the laws of the country in which it is based,
    • is sufficiently insured to cover the risks incurred,
    • is of acceptable repute and solvency,
    • is capable of communicating with GRTgaz in French,
    • is adequately and effectively structured to be able to meet deadlines and ensure continuous quality assurance, and is willing to accept quality monitoring at its production sites,
    • is equipped with appropriate human resource management and technical and technological equipment,
    • is operating legally in terms of undeclared and illegal workers,
    • respects commitments to safety and working conditions that are currently in force,
    • accepts systematic approval of sub-contractors and their terms of pay by the contracting agent GRTgaz.
    • being described by GRTgaz (in the manner specified in the Qualification section), if the segment is subject to qualification.

    Safety, quality and the environment are three major concerns for GRTgaz that are incorporated into the technical specifications of its contracts.

  • 2) Qualification:

    GRTgaz has established a system for qualification:

    • developping a pool selected for a segment or activity of companies, using objective criteria to ensure their durability, their ability to contract, their ability to carry out the services, their means and their references attested by customers,
    • checking the suitability and performance of installed towards products regulatory, normative constraints and our technical reference,
    • ensuring the selection phase providers during recurring purchases.

    Some segments are identified as "high stakes": they are characterized by a strong technical criticality (risk to the sustainability, security and availability of structures in GRTgaz) and/or limited supplier market, and in some cases a volume 'significant purchase.

    These segments therefore require:

    • a systematic qualification,
    • the establishment of strengthened relationships with suppliers segment.

    The main segments are involved in the qualification:

    • in terms of equipment: pipes, valves, spare form, control equipment and counting...
    • in terms of services: laying pipe, industrial pipe work.

    Qualified supplier contact: bruno.lauranson(at)grtgaz.com

  • 3) Tender:

    A typical tender file:

    GRTgaz sends a tender file to the selected companies. This file contains all the documents needed to establish the offer, including:

    • The rules for tender, which comprise of the offer submission deadline, terms for submitting an offer, the documents that must be provided by the supplier and the criteria that must be met in order to be awarded the contract.
    • The procurement, which contains:
      • the Special Technical Specifications (CCTP) that provide all the technical details of the project (statement of requirement, expected performance, the various constraints to abide by with regards to quality, safety and the environment).
      • The general terms and conditions (CGA) and special terms and conditions (CPA) for purchases.
      • Specific procurement requirements (CPA) and general conditions of purchase (CGA)

    Useful documents:

    Equipment CGA – January 2019 (ACH-CGA-001)

    CGA applicable to services – January 2019 (ACH-CGA004A)

    CGA applicable to working contracts – June 2018 (DTC-0002-001-CGA)

    Classification of GRTgaz contracts

    A distinction is made between the following contracts:

    • ordinary contract: a contract in which the Beneficiary accepts remuneration for delivery of supplies, undertaking works or provision of services to GRTgaz.
    • framework contract: a contract whose execution requires the issue of one or more purchase or delivery orders.

    Online purchases

    GRTgaz regularly makes online purchases via the private tender platform, SInergiA.

    This platform is a secure space for the management of exchanges between GRTgaz and its suppliers. It computerises part of the purchasing process.

    Before any invitation to tender, the suppliers receive their personal access codes for the platform.

    During the bidding process, suppliers can go to the platform to download documents from the tender file and, when the time comes, upload their technical and business proposals in adherence with the rules for tender.

    Access to the online tender platform requires an Internet connection and an email address.

  • 4) Payment terms:

    As standard and in accordance with the LME (Modernization Act of Economics August 4, 2008), payment will be made by GRTgaz by bank transfer 60 calendar days after receipt of the invoice. The supplier completes the invoice(s) and sends it/them to GRTgaz's accounts department, at portail UIE to the following adress: TSA 93113 27091 Evreux Cedex 9. The order number must be included on the invoice.

Code of ethics for dealing with suppliers:

GRTgaz promises to always deal with its suppliers in adherence with the GDF SUEZ Group's general code of ethics:

  • Principle 1: strictly comply with regulations and internal standards.
  • Principle 2: act with fairness, transparency and impartiality.
  • Principle 3: ensure the confidentiality.
  • Principle 4: refrain from any conflict of interest.
  • Principle 5: reject any act of corruption - gifts and invitations.

You can use the links below to download the general purchasing terms and conditions that apply to GRTgaz orders, as well as the code of ethics in full. 

Ethical Rules of GRTgaz for its suppliers

If you require any further information on GRTgaz purchases, you can contact Naëlle Rehoudj, GRTgaz Ethical Purchasing corresponding to D2AL, at the following adress: ethique(at)grtgaz.com

As it continues to implement its CSR code, GRTgaz would like to highlight best responsible purchasing practice in its relations with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Its policies in this area aim to make sustainable business growth a reality for all parties.

GRTgaz acted on these commitments by signing the Charter for Responsible Supplier Relations on 4 June 2015. The charter is a means for signatory companies to broadcast and formalize their resolve to build win-win relationships with suppliers. It is a foundation for making real progress in interactions with SMEs.

The Charter for Responsible Supplier Relations requires each signatory to appoint its own SME "correspondent", an in-house mediator whose task is to settle any disputes with suppliers in this category.

You may contact the GRTgaz SME correspondent at: correspondant-PME-achats(at)grtgaz.com

"The Charter for Responsible Supplier Relations" is available for downloading.