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Find out before starting any depth work on your land

Works next to the pipeline: more about the process and regulation

As part of your job, you are constantly carrying out work on your land and you may be exposed to the risks linked with working close to our high-pressure natural gas pipelines.


Do not rely only on our yellow posts and markers

As these only indicate the existence of high-pressure natural gas pipelines in the vicinity. They are not always located directly above a gas pipe. Furthermore, the pipeline may bend between two markers, which is impossible to know without a detailed map of the network.
The depth of our pipelines is based on the lay of the land and, as such, can vary.

To find out whether your farmland is located near one of our high-pressure natural gas networks, you have two options:

  • Visit the website www.reseaux-et-canalisations.gouv.fr which lists the network operators.
    After having outlined the location of your land on an IGN underground map, you will have access to the network operators whose pipes go across your land.

Never start depth work on your land without a detailed reply from us.

Treatment center DT/DICT : informations and useful numbers

  • Territoire Val de Seine
    >> Best practices leaflet
    01 40 85 20 77
    0800 00 11 12 (uniquement pour prévenir en cas d’incident sur le réseau)
    2 Rue Pierre TIMBAUD
  • Territoire Nord Est
    >> Best practices leaflet
    03 21 64 79 29
    0800 30 72 24 (uniquement pour prévenir en cas d’incident sur le réseau)
    2 Boulevard de la République ZI B
    62232 ANNEZIN
  • Territoire Rhône Méditerranée
    >> Best practices leaflet
    04 78 65 59 59
    0800 24 61 02 (uniquement pour prévenir en cas d’incident sur le réseau)
    33 Rue Petrequin - BP 6407
    69413 LYON CEDEX 06
  • Territoire Centre Atlantique
    >> Best practices leaflet
    0800 02 29 81 (uniquement pour prévenir en cas d’incident sur le réseau)
    10 Quai Emile Cormerais - CS 10002
    02 40 38 86 29

    Rabion - 62 Rue de la Brigade RAC
    05 45 24 24 29