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Managing transport networks in the era of the energy transition

To meet the increasingly complex challenge of measuring transport network capacities, RICE’s teams developed Capaflex, software produced over several years of research & development.

The Pitgam Interconnection Station - Nicolas Dohr

Managing transport networks in the era of the energy transition

In a constantly changing energy industry, GRTgaz must regularly adapt the way it manages its transport network.

To ensure gas transport security, several studies that break with current technology are underway to measure the network’s actual capacities with the aim of anticipating potential industry changes in coming years.

The energy transition is central to these scenarios, which study the impact of new usage methods like biomethane, hydrogen, NGL/bioNGV and Power-to-Gas.

One of the main challenges to measuring network capacities involves configuring interconnection stations, while accounting for all physical and contractual constraints.

Optimising operational performance

To this end, RICE’s teams developed the Capaflex software, which makes it possible to:

Algorithmic innovation to serve the transport network

The result of several years of research, Capaflex relies on complex optimisation algorithms that leverage the advantages of multi-core architectures in modern computers.

Using the power of these algorithms, Capaflex selects the most pertinent among the countless possible configurations – more numerous than atoms in the universe! – and determines the best operational solution in a matter of minutes.

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