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Activity and sustainble development report 2017
Le Gaz. L’Energie des Possibles  repart en campagne !
Launch of the appygas solution


2016 RADD cover

Activity and sustainable development report 2017

Connecting the energy of tomorrow

Overview - GRTgaz Corporate brochure

Overview - GRTgaz, providing a secure, competitive and unified supply

The Overview document presents the network, activities and challenges in terms of innovation, energy transition and biodiversity of GRTgaz.

2017 key figures cover

2017 key figures

A 100%renewable gas mix in 2050?

A 100%renewable gas mix in 2050? - Study summary

A 100%renewable gas mix in 2050? - report of the study
Study summary A 100%renewable gas mix in 2050? - summary of the study

GRTgaz Code of conduct cover

Code of Conduct for natural gas transmission company GRTgaz

The Code of Conduct describes the internal organisational measures taken by GRTgaz to guard against the risk of discriminatory practices as regards customer access to the natural gas transmission system, as required by Article L.111-22 of the French Energy Code.

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