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AFGNV and GRTgaz launch Gas Mobility Open Data

On 4 July 2017, the French vehicle Natural Gas Association (AFGNV), in partnership with GRTgaz, launched Gas Mobility Open Data, a new database and mapping engine dedicated to existing and future filling stations supplying fuel gas in France. The data, consolidated and updated in real-time, will also be available on the Energy Networks Open Data platform, launched by RTE and GRTgaz on 3 April.

Developed from the software solution published by OpenDataSoft, this new tool makes it possible to display the location of filling stations and follow the development of infrastructures to the national and regional grid using a dashboard. Raw data can also be used via an Application Programming Interface (API). In the coming months, new data should be accessible via the platform, such as new gas vehicle registrations or fuel gas consumption across France (Vehicle Natural Gas and Vehicle Natural BioGas).

Mobilité Gaz Open Data : carte des stations existantes et en projet - Crédit photo : Nicolas Dohr
Mobilité Gaz Open Data : carte des stations existantes et en projet - Crédit photo : Nicolas Dohr

Fuel gas is currently experiencing dynamic performance and arousing the interest of goods and passenger transport businesses, due to its environmental qualities and competitive operating costs. Above all, Mobility Gas Open Data is a decision-making tool for these businesses, for which knowledge of information specific to refuelling is crucial. The platform is also aimed at public authorities responsible for transport, which will be able to monitor the development of fuel gas filling stations across their regions in real time. In particular, it will be possible to monitor implementation of the European directive on the deployment of infrastructures for alternative fuels.

The network of gas filling stations is growing in France. During the next 12 months, about ten companies will open more than 40 filling stations to supplement the network of 60 existing filling stations. This national network of public filling stations will be fully accessible to light vehicles and light goods vehicles, and 80% will be accessible to heavy goods vehicles. It forms the largest Vehicle Natural Gas network in Europe for goods transport by road. It will be possible to supply the first European fleet of vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, estimated at 1,400 vehicles by the end of 2017.