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A social ladder to develop its talents into managers


GRTgaz has been using ELAN Pro, an innovative "career accelerator" mechanism, to help its employees achieve manager status.

Press release

Since 2010, GRTgaz has been using ELAN Pro, an innovative "career accelerator" mechanism, to help its employees achieve manager status.

To build, test and deploy this process for detecting competencies, GRTgaz is partnering with Hudson, an HR consultancy. 

What makes it unique? An Assessment Center that measures skills is applied by HR experts from the company and from Hudson. In all, eight GRTgaz HR representatives were trained by Hudson to work with this skills assessment technique. 

Since ELAN Pro was launched in late 2010, some 37 employees have been assessed. Of these, 20 have already completed their professionalization programme and are now managers. At the end of the process, 80% of them (or 16 employees) took a technical position. The 17 other employees are still completing their development programme. Potential managers with a variety of profiles: aged 25 to 40 (average age of 42), 16% women, 80% employees working in technical fields.

In accordance with the GRTgaz employment and skills management plan, ELAN Pro is an innovation because, for the first time, this programme gives the employee himself the possibility to request to become a manager with a view to attaining a target job position within the company or other GDF SUEZ Group companies. The Assessment Center is a key feature of this management-run tool; it delivers two different perspectives on the employee, namely from the GRTgaz internal evaluator and the Hudson expert. This is one of the most unique features of this mechanism. Eight HR employees volunteered to receive training in this technique from Hudson.

The Assessment Center maximises the employee's chances for success in his professional development. Indeed, this HR tool enables individuals to become aware of their strengths, target their areas for improvement, receive concrete recommendations to advance in a specific field and embark on a path of self-development.

"The Assessment Center is non-discriminatory. It is a powerful resource for recognising the talents and potential of everyone, regardless of their level of education or their position in the organisation," underlines Alexandra Apostolescu, Manager of Skills Development Operations at Hudson.

Co-designed with Hudson using a common benchmark, the Assessment Center is built around eight families of behavioural skills (decision making, analysing/integrating, motivating, organising, etc.). During the process, each skill is evaluated through at least two different exercises: scenarios, managerial role playing, personality test, logic tests, etc.

To thoroughly prepare the employee for his day of assessments, his HR contact explains all the stages, from the objective to final feedback. He also gives the employee the skills benchmark and tells him that the goal is not to assess the skills of his current position, but rather to analyse skills in light of future responsibilities. Therefore the Assessment Center makes it possible to project and predict the chances for success in higher-ranking positions.

Feedback is then given by the internal evaluator with contributions by all stakeholders: the employee, his manager and the HR contact in question. Finally, HR defines the professional development plan based on the results of the Assessment, recommendations, employee preferences and manager input; the plan is implemented as a work-study programme (higher education, EAV, training modules).

Enfin, le montage par le RH du parcours de professionnalisation – sur la base des résultats de l’Assessment, des recommandations, des souhaits du salarié et des indications du manager – se fait via une formation en alternance (enseignement supérieur, VAE, formations modulaires).

Being promoted to manager status allows the employee to advance his career by expanding his scope of responsibility, developing his skills and bolstering his employability. For the enterprise, in addition to boosting the diversity of managerial profiles "ELAN Pro is also a way to develop the assessment competencies of the HR staff. Moreover, it is gradually opening up to other Group entities!" concludes Hervé Rambaud, HR Manager for GRTgaz.

Présentation of Hudson:

A leading international firm, Hudson offers its clients, companies and applicants an array of effective, innovative talent management solutions: recruitment of managers and executives, outsourcing of the hiring process, talent management, contracting and eDiscovery...

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