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Success for the 1sT GRTgaz Open Innovation Challenges

On 7 November 2016, GRTgaz chose the 6 winners of the first Open Innovation Challenges organized from 19 April - 26 August 2016.

This participatory innovation process collected no fewer than 154 solutions submitted by 115 companies from across France, to identify innovative concepts addressing the company’s major strategic and industrial challenges:

  • no. 1 - SCEMS (Seine et Marne département) - Multiply the number of pressure measurement points on GRTgaz’s network
  • no. 2 - SENSeOR (Doubs département) – Remote measurement of soil temperature near gas pipelines
  • no. 3 - CETIM (Loire Atlantique département) – Secure pressurised connectors
  • no. 4 - Micel- (Loire département) - Limit condensation of hydrocarbons in compressors
  • no. 5 - No winner - Measure instantaneous welding speed on the pipes
  • no. 6 – biin (Rhône département) – Design a virtual business lines forum

Winners of the first GRTgaz Open Innovation Challenges - photo credit: Corinne Jamet
Photo credit: Corinne Jamet

These first Challenges Open Innovation enjoyed real regional dynamics with the mobilising of the business incubators, competitiveness centres and the chambers of commerce and industry. The 6 award winners will now enter a partnership arrangement with the company to promote their skills and demonstrate their know-how. In the future, GRTgaz intends to pursue this approach, by running challenges all year round on new sets of problem issues.

On the occasion of the award ceremony, Jean-Jacques Ciazynski, Chief Operating Officer at GRTgaz, stated: "This first edition of the Open Innovation Challenges has been a real success and testifies to the ability of GRTgaz to be open to ideas from an external ecosystem of innovative companies. The adroit cooperation between internal and external experts fosters the efficiency of the company’s research and development efforts to achieve operational solutions for our industrial issues quickly and in a new way. I would like to thank the 115 companies who took part, as well as our partner, the Richelieu Committee."

Organised in Paris with the partner of the Comité Richelieu (French association of Innovation and Growth Companies), the prizes were handed over in the presence of Pierre Pelouzet, Company Ombudsman, at the presentation of the 2016 report from the l’Observatoire des engagements et actions du Gouvernement au service de l’innovation et de la croissance (Observatory of the French Government commitments and actions at the service of innovation and growth).