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GRTgaz completes its comprehensive development programme in the North of France

GRTgaz completes a comprehensive development programme for the gas transmission network in the North of France.

After last week's commissioning of the "Flanders Artery" (23 km between Pitgam and Hondschoote) and a major section of the Arc de Dierrey (188 km between Cuvilly and Dierrey-Saint-Julien), GRTgaz announces the connection of its network to the Dunkirk methane terminal and the commissioning of the Pitgam interconnection station. Launched several years ago, the construction of these facilities, approved by the French Energy Regulatory Commission (Commission de régulation de l’énergie) represents a total investment of nearly €900 million for GRTgaz1 plus €340 million for the Hauts de France II pipeline (191 km from Dunkirk to Cuvilly), commissioned in November 2014.

This major development of GRTgaz's infrastructure will enhance the flexibility of the gas transmission network and accept the new flow of gas from the LNG terminal at Dunkirk. 400 km of gas transmission network are entering service, from Dunkirk (Nord) to Dierrey-Saint-Julien (Aube) (See map):

  • The Hauts de France II pipeline is connected to the Dunkirk LNG terminal. As from 2016, the terminal will be able to supply 13 billion m3 annually to the French and Belgian markets.
  • The Pitgam interconnection station plays the key role in switching flows emanating from the Dunkirk terminal and the North Sea. It enables them to be transported to the heart of the GRTgaz network and to Belgium.
  • The Flanders Artery will, for the first time, enable producers to transport gas from France to Belgium via the Hondschoote/Alveringem border crossing.
  • The new Arc de Dierrey pipeline links Cuvilly to Dierrey-Saint-Julien, a distance of 188 km. A second stretch of 120 km between Saint-Julien-Dierrey and Voisines (Haute-Marne) will be operational by the end of 2016. The Arc de Dierrey project receives support from the European Commission under the European Energy Plan for Recovery.

Map of the GRTgaz development programme in the North of France (source: GRTgaz)

1 The total investment of €900 million includes the second section of the Arc de Dierrey which will enter service in late 2016.