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GRTgaz renews partnership with FFRandonnée


The Fédération Française de la Randonnée Pédestre (FFRandonnée) - France's hiking federation - and GRTgaz will pursue their trailblazing partnership..

Paris, 20 November 2013 - During the conference of French mayors and local authorities held 19–21 November, GRTgaz—the main operator of France's natural gas transmission network—and FFRandonnée officially renewed their partnership for another three years. Since 2010, they have worked together to raise hikers' awareness about the natural treasures their country possesses. And now they have chosen to strengthen their collaboration.

Determined to innovate together in the field, GRTgaz and FFRandonnée will put their collective expertise to the service of the federation's IT initiative. The project seeks to facilitate management of the FFRandonnée-approved trail network in cooperation with all federation teams—including trailblazers, organizers, and club leaders—and include the hiking community in the processes of monitoring and collecting data on footpaths and environmental conditions. This is in line with the federation's desire to help the 36 million hikers in France get out on the trails—in part with ground-breaking interactive tools it will be releasing.

GRTgaz is an expert in complex cartography, which it applies to ensure the smooth operation of its network. Now it is using this expertise to help the hiking federation select and implement the best solutions for the task at hand.

The assistance it offers will bear fruit in 2014 with the development of four Randomobile® smartphone apps. Created by FFRandonnée in close cooperation with both GRTgaz and the Fédération des Parc Naturels Régionaux (French federation of regional parks), they will offer the public access to information on park paths while hiking.

GRTgaz will also be helping FFRandonnée with its website's hiking tips page, aimed at users looking for information on hiking destinations and the itineraries that best suit them.

In addition, GRTgaz and FFRandonnée will continue to promote understanding of the environment and preservation of biodiversity by:

  • equipping the 7,000 FFRandonnée volunteer trailblazers, environmental sentinels who work daily to maintain paths and preserve the natural treasures of their surroundings
  • raising hiker awareness about trail safety and responsible hiking through co-authorship of a hiker's charter (Charte du Randonneur)
  • enhancing the recreational value of the different French regions by creating or improving trails and supporting the publication of Topo-guides® for regional paths
  • organizing fun, educational activities for families, including Rando-challenges® and hiking events in association with regional government bodies.