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ETIA and GRTgaz

ETIA and GRTgaz, partners in a pilot plant producing synthetic methane by gasification

ETIA and GRTgaz have signed a partnership to build a pilot plant producing synthetic methane by gasification. Gasification processes fall within the framework of the regions' circular economy projects, by producing continuously-available renewable energy from local biogenic resources. These processes are also used to convert waste into synthetic gas. 

This demonstrator relies on an exclusive, patented process called 'SYNTHANE®', developed by ETIA in its premises at Compiègne (Oise) with the support of Bpifrance Financement. It will comprise a high temperature pyrolysis facility, a purification system and a methanisation unit. Its purpose will be to confirm that the quality of the methane obtained would allow it to be injected into gas transport and distribution networks. 

ETIA is a specialist in thermal treatment processes and is making existing gasification equipment available. It is also building the 'syngas' processing line, with financial aid and expertise from GRTgaz, aiming to complete the first finalisation trials by the end of 2017. Different feedstocks and operating procedures will then be tested from 2018 for GRTgaz to confirm the quality of purified synthetic methane obtained, and ultimately to enable it to be injected into the grid systems. 

Le procédé de gazéification

This partnership will encourage the development of the 'Pyrogasification' sector and production of synthetic methane using all types of feedstocks (biomass and waste). Injection from these gasification processes provides innovative, efficient and complementary responses to the Methanisation sector. These new applications of the sector, for which the first industrial-scale projects are expected from 2020, will contribute to achieving the target of 10% renewable gas consumption by 2030, set by the French Law on Energy Transition. In this way, the gas produced by these new processes, such as the 'SYNTHANE' process developed by ETIA will supplement the production of biomethane from methanisation plants.