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Oltingue: new entry point into France

GRTgaz creates a new entry point into France, bringing the French, Swiss and Italian gas markets closer together.

  • Creation of a bidirectional interconnection between France and Switzerland
  • A major new step in the connection between the French and Italian marketplaces
  • Additional capacity for security of supply and South-to-North flows

GRTgaz has decided to invest in the first major physical entry point for natural gas between France and Switzerland in Oltingue, France. This project, which was launched in 2010 with the Swiss and Italian transmission network operators, FluxSwiss and Snam Rete Gas respectively, will increase the security of supply and the natural gas transit capacity between the three countries by 2018.

Nouvelle capacité d’entrée à Oltingue favorisant les flux Sud-Nord en EuropeNew entry point into France - Source : GRTgaz

As part of this project, GRTgaz will adapt the stations at Oltingue and Morelmaison, so that they will be able to invert the direction of the gas flows in this section.

The entry capacity at Oltingue will improve the security of supplies to northern Europe and connect the French (PEG Nord) and Italian (PSV) marketplaces in the South-to-North direction.  The creation of new opportunities for exchanges of gas between European marketplaces, will help provide network users (shippers) with greater flexibility. The attractiveness of PEG Nord will also be improved, thereby making the price of gas in France more competitive.

This new capacity could account for more than 8 % of the volumes of gas consumed in France. In 2018, it will be possible to physically import 100 GWh/day of gas from Italy via Switzerland, with the possibility of increasing this level with 100 GWh/day of extra capacity. Today, more than 220 GWh/day of gas can already flow from France into Switzerland through Oltingue. By creating this new entry point into France, GRTgaz is making new sources of gas from Libya, Algeria and Azerbaijan more accessible.
The Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), with a capacity of 10 bcm per year, will supply Italy with azeri gas as of 2020. On its part, Snam Rete Gas has decided to invest in its network a new capacity of more than 400 GWh/day to Switzerland, in order to supply France and Germany.