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Gas-powered mobility

MicroJoule runs on biomethane for the first time at the Valenciennes EducEco Challenge.

On 20 and 21 May 2016, the MicroJoule vehicle, the prototype from the La Joliverie High School in Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire, will take part in the 8th EducEco challenge in Valenciennes (59). The MicroJoule team partnered with the gas transmission network operator GRTgaz in 2015 to promote gas-powered mobility and, for the first time, MicroJoule will be taking part in the race a in a new fuel category: biomethane.

Following their victory at the Shell Eco-marathon in Rotterdam in May 2015 and their first world record using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) , the students of La Joliverie will try to set a world record with this alternative fuel. Biomethane, produced by treating local household and agricultural waste, is fuel with a carbon footprint close to zero and offers all the advantages of gas fuel: little nitrogen oxide and practically no fine particles that cause air pollution.

For its 31st year in the competition and after having set more than 10 world records in the categories of diesel, petrol, ethanol and fuel gas, the La Joliverie High School in Nantes is rising to a new challenge as part of the same philosophy: on the one hand, to master energy in all its diversity and on the other hand, to reach towards zero carbon emissions for an internal combustion engine. The high school team will include 25 students from vocational courses focusing on internal combustion engines. The competition is an incentive for them to work together on finding concrete, sustainable solutions in response to the challenges of the contemporary world, in particular those related to mobility.

The EducEco challenge is one of 2 global competitions that challenge students to design, build and drive the most energy-efficient vehicles possible. Beyond technical performance which consists in using as little fuel as possible, this event stimulates the innovation and creativity of almost a thousand French and European students, working in 50 teams.

The EducEco challenge will be followed by the Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2016 which will be held for the first time at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London from 30 June to 3 July 2016. MicroJoule will compete in this new edition in the CNG category.

1In Rotterdam in 2015, the MicroJoule vehicle covered the equivalent of 2,551.8 km with 1 litre of petrol.