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Data meeting regional energy challenges

The DataEnergie hackathon was held at the Liberté Living-Lab in Paris on 29 and 30 June, an event dedicated to innovation on the subject of energy data supporting the regions.

Le Hackathon #DATAENERGIE - La donnée au service des défis énergétiques des territoires

For the occasion, 4 energy network administrators, Enedis, GRDF, GRTgaz and RTE joined Etalab, French General Sustainable Development Commission [Commissariat Général au Développement Durable] and Paris City to organise the #DataEnergie event with Liberté Living Lab.

The starting point was shared conviction: energy networks are the essential links for energy transition; distributors, transporters, local authorities and public administrations have a major role to play in promoting this change. The organisers set themselves the target of mobilising mobiliser experts in energy network administration, public bodies, local authorities, start-ups and students for 48 hours, in order to accelerate joint development of innovative systems and solutions to develop a regional response to energy-based issues.

  • challenges
  • 15 teams
  • 140 participants
  • 48 hours working together
  • More than 100 data sets made available

Eight challenges to be faced to make the data and collaborative innovation available to support the general interest
Cross-checks and analyses of regional energy data, regional economic development or optimisation of the energy efficiency of public buildings: in total 8 challenges were offered to the participants on the database made available by the network operators, Paris city and Etalab.

Present at the start of the day on 30 June, Mounir Mahjoubi, Secretary of State to the Prime Minister, responsible for the digital economy was able to see the enthusiasm of the 140 developers, start-ups, Data scientists and UX designers, joined by experts in energy and the regions. 

Promising results
So at the end of this work, a jury made up of experts from each business sector assessed the projects developed during these 48 hours using energy data made available by the organisers. As a bonus, two prizes were awarded to the best solutions developed:


  • The Energissimo team with the project of creating an exchange platform between local authorities aiming to share best practices in energy policy was awarded the first prize as well as a grant of €5,000.
  • The Rénov’ Happs team, which undertook an energy renovation project at the scale of a Paris district, was awarded the second prize and a grant of €1,500.

These two winners will also be able to spend 3 months at Liberté Living-Lab to develop their projects.

Le Hackathon #DATAENERGIE - La donnée au service des défis énergétiques des territoires

The network administrators also worked together on challenges related to supporting local authorities on energy data or the issue of anonymization: a number of common working paths that will be continued during the coming months.

"Secure data management for the electricity system is part of the DNA of Enedis and the focus of our public service role. This hackathon is the embodiment of the commitment shared by electricity and gas network administrators to make data a driver for ecological transition", says Chantal Genermont, Enedis Digital Director.

"For GRDF, making the data available involves two major issues: to promote access to the data by outside parties and to provide outstanding management of data confidentiality and security, in preparation for implementing the European regulation on data protection", says Jérôme Chambin, GRDF Communication and Digital Director.

"This hackathon represents an opportunity for network administrators, including GRTgaz, to continue the approach to digital openness and open innovation. The challenges addressed have delivered innovative solutions illustrating the importance of energy data to achieving the energy transition in the regions", says Jean-Pierre Gory, GRTgaz Deputy Commercial Director.

"Open Data, and particularly this hackathon, is a win-win strategy in step with our age when young and large companies share the common ambition of constructing a more intelligent and more innovative network, the key to a successful energy transition. The purpose of data supplied by RTE is to promote the emergence of new services", says Claire Niclot, RTE Innovation and Data Director.