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Trading Region South

Press release 17/12/2014

A common market area in southern France on 1 April 2015

First Trading Region in Europe including a joint market place presentation

GRTgaz and TIGF have undertaken the process of merging the gas wholesale marketplaces in France. On 1 April 2015, a common market area, made up of the GRTgaz South and TIGF areas, will be set up under the name Trading Region South (TRS). In order to support their clients, GRTgaz and TIGF have organised a shipper’s meeting on 16 December 2014 to explain the new operational mechanisms.

The establishment of TRS will increase the attractiveness of the French gas market. This marketplace integration model, validated by the French Energy Regulator (CRE), will be applied for the first time in Europe.

The main aim of TRS is to simplify client access to the wholesale gas market in southern France. As from 1 April 2015, shippers will no longer have to subscribe capacities to the interconnection of the two networks. Shipper imbalances will be shared between the two GRTgaz South and TIGF balancing zones, which will continue to exist as they do today.

The French transmission system operators (TSOs) are working together to finalise the modes of operation of TRS:

  • management of transactions over the future marketplace and evaluation of the physical flow between the networks, led by GRTgaz.
  • calculations of shipper imbalances distributed over the balancing zones of the two TSOs, led by TIGF.

In 2005, France still had five marketplaces. Since 2009, there are only three left: PEG North, PEG South, and PEG TIGF. The CRE guidelines that were published in May 2014 envisage the setting up of a single wholesale gas market in France by 2018.

Map and logo of the Trading Region South

Trading Region South map
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