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Winter 2014–2015

No specific strain expected for the French natural gas system.

Winter outlook 2014-2015 - Predictions concerning the effects of stress factors on the GRTgaz network.

As we head into the winter of 2014-2015, GRTgaz is satisfied with the projected operating conditions for its natural gas transmission system. The projected situation should allow for the balance between supply and demand for natural gas to be maintained, with facilities operating under normal conditions. The 'info-vigilance' mechanism set up in 2013—aimed at users of the transmission system—has been reinstated to respond to any unforeseen eventualities.

In comparison to winter 2013-2014, the most important development has been an improvement in the level of replenishment of underground storage provisions. Stronger regulations and enforcement helped to bring this change about, in combination with a wider price variance between summer and winter.

In the event of a major cold snap, the analysis carried out by GRTgaz shows that continuity of supply could be ensured by mobilising all network entry-points, particularly including output from the Fos and Montoir-de-Bretagne LNG terminals.

Out of a concern for transparency and foresight, GRTgaz has renewed the 'info-vigilance' mechanism on its website. Over the winter period, this facility aims to provide users of the natural gas transmission system with advance warning of any situation that may put a strain on supply. The information includes a 5-day forecast as well as recommended measures for users to take according to the circumstances.

GRTgaz must at all times ensure natural gas flows throughout its network. It has the capacity needed to ensure continuity of supply and offer all market players various combinations of supply options to choose from. During periods of extreme cold, however, it must be able to rely on all points of entry throughout the country to the natural gas transmission system: overland network interconnections, LNG terminals, and underground storage facilities, which play an essential role in the French natural gas system.