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GRTgaz restyles its visual identity

GRTgaz is revealing its new visual identity today, a development fitting into the framework of the launch of its new “GRTgaz 2020” business project. This project is structured around two strategic aims for the company:

  • to become an operator firmly committed to the energy transition,
  • and to be renowned within Europe as a leader for gas infrastructure.

GRTgaz with baseline logo: Connecter les énergies d'avenir

At the launch of “GRTgaz 2020”, Thierry Trouvé, Chief Executive Officer of GRTgaz, said: “This visual identity embodies our new business project and our responses to current and future energy challenges, like the boom in renewable gases and new uses for gas, the growing convergence of electricity and gas systems, as well as the development of everything digital. In this way, GRTgaz is reaffirming its deeply held conviction that the gas transmission network connects energies and territories and, as such, is a driving force behind accessible and concrete solutions for accelerating and successfully completing the energy transition.”

Encapsulating the aim behind the “GRTgaz 2020” business project, this new visual identity positions GRTgaz as central to the balance of tomorrow’s energy mix. It also confers upon the transmission network a key role in the deployment of innovative and sustainable energy solutions tailored to the trend for increasingly local and renewable production across the country.

This new identity is accompanied by a modernized logo in all its aspects:

  • Brighter and more vibrant colours have been introduced in a gradation symbolising the gradual development of green gases and new uses for gas (conversions in industry, mobility, etc.). 
  • The typography has been modernised and also harmonised throughout the logotype, thereby creating a more direct connection between the transmission network and gas. The letter “R” in GRTgaz has been styled so as to illustrate the integration of the network within its environment. 
  • The pebble is still there, but with a new, more dynamic shape in order to illustrate GRTgaz’s commitment to its activities.

Designed by the communications agency W, the new visual identity is accompanied by a graphical universe where the heart of GRTgaz’s activity – its network – is represented by a flexible and connected background that frames the visuals and the typographic elements with consistency and clarity. This new universe is being gradually applied to all of the company’s communications materials, like on its website grtgaz.com and its social media accounts such as Twitter, LinkedIn et YouTube.