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Gas in Focus: new version, new website


The 2013 edition of Gas in Focus has just been published.

The 2013 edition of Gas in Focus has just been published.

Born from the partnership between GRTgaz and Sia Partners, this gas watch body is a compilation of the main indicators that help provide a better understanding of how the gas market is developing. The information it provides falls into 5 main categories: Infrastructures, Uses, Environment, Market and Supply. In 2012, 7000 copies of Gas in Focus were published

The 2013 edition comes with a new dedicated website (www.gasinfocus.com), that can be accessed from a smartphone or tablet. The site's ergonomic design has been improved making it easier to browse. It includes 40 indicators which provide information in a summary format that is both educational and reliable. 7 "focuses" provide more detailed information about some subjects, 3 of which include an animation: "The LNG supply chain" in the "Infrastructures" section, "Natural gas in the home" in the "Uses" section and "The 3rd energy package" in the "Markets" section.

In 2012, GRTgaz and Sia Partners decided to pool their expertise in order to develop a reference tool for use on a fast-changing energy landscape. Gas in Focus is aimed at sector professionals, as well as all other stakeholders who want to find out about the energy market (gas in particular).