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Consumption of natural gas on the GRTgaz network


Strong increase in consumption of natural gas on the GRTgaz network in 2010

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In 2010, consumption of natural gas on GRTgaz's transmission network reached 515.1 TWh, representing an increase of close to 13% versus 2009 (456.8 TWh), and 8,5% versus 2008.

This growth was also present after correction for climatic effects (+ 6% versus 2009 and + 3.5% versus 2008).

Consumption by industrial customers connected to the GRTgaz network (178 TWh in 2010), which increased by 15.5% versus 2009, and by 12% versus 2008, explains this result for 2010 for a large part, with, notably, the commissioning of new combined cycle natural gas turbines (CCCG). Installed capacity of electricity production from natural gas will reach 5,000 MW in the first half of 2011. Furthermore, transmission of gas to public distribution systems (337.1 TWh) increased by 11.3% versus 2009 and by 6.8% versus 2008 (after correction for climatic effects respectively + 1,6% versus 2009 and - 0,4% versus 2008).

The very cold months at the start and end of 2010 contributed towards this increase in consumption.

In December 2010, with an average daily temperature of 1.5°C, lower than seasonal averages by 10°C on some days, the monthly consumption observed on GRTgaz's network rose to 79.2 TWh.

For GRTgaz, in 2010 this outlook led to a growth in sales of delivery capacities.. Energy exchanges on the wholesale natural gas market which represented 305 TWh also increased strongly (+ 20%). A result which illustrates the positive dynamics of the French market and the attractiveness of GRTgaz's offer, whose number of clients, gas shippers on the network, rose to 76 at the end of 2010 (versus 60 at the end of 2009).

GRTgaz delivers natural gas provided by its suppliers to over 85% of the country, to be used by consumption points directly connected to the transmission network, i.e. major industrial consumers, power stations using natural gas for electricity production and public distribution networks for supplying homes, local authorities and businesses. With more than 32,000 km of gas pipeline and 25 compressor stations, GRTgaz transmitted more than 68 billion m3 in 2010.