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2016: consumption rising on the GRTgaz network

In 2016, GRTgaz saw a 9.9 % increase in gross gas consumption on its distribution network1 (a 5.7 % rise when corrected for climatic effects) after two years of particularly mild temperatures. In 2016, total gross consumption reached 463 TWh.

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Large increase in consumption by gas-fired power plants (+118%)
In 2016, consumption by industrial clients connected to the network increased by 16.3%, mainly due to gas-powered electricity production plants. With all 13 plants in operation, consumption figures of 46 TWh (as opposed to 21 TWh in 2015 and 8 TWh in 2014) were reached, due to colder overall weather conditions and favourable economic conditions. GRTgaz estimates that if all thermal power plants across France were gas-fired, the emission of 6 million tonnes of CO2 would be avoided.

New gas uses: an expanding dynamic 
In industry, almost 4.2 TWh of gas consumption is down to new fuel oil-to-gas conversions, completed over the past year (mainly in the chemicals & petro-chemistry industry, agribusiness, urban heating …). Taking into consideration the total number of installations converted from fuel oil to gas over the last five years, the emission of 1.4 million tonnes of CO2 was avoided in 2016, a contribution equivalent to that of about 8,000 x 2 MW wind turbines added to the power mix.

The use of gas-powered mobility continued its progression, with an increase of 5% in the total vehicle fleet (15,000 vehicles in all) including an increase of 75% in the heavy goods vehicle segment. The dynamic of this latter segment illustrates the potential of gas-powered mobility, a high-efficiency alternative providing effective air pollution control.

At yearend 2016, 26 sites were injecting biomethane into the gas networks across France. GRTgaz is planning to commission 5 new plants on its network in 2017 (representing 220 GWh/year), together with 5 - 6 new plants in 2018 then in 2019, in a context of complex development for the project leaders.

1 In 2015, gross gas consumption increased by 8.1%.

Bottleneck Situation in South-Eastern France

Since the onset of winter, GRTgaz has been closely monitoring the gas network situation, particularly in South-Eastern France. The weather forecasts are predicting a prolonged cold front over the coming days.
In this context, GRTgaz is requesting market stakeholders to strictly follow the recommendations issued daily via the Winter-Outlook info-vigilance mechanism, available on SmartGRTgaz.
GRTgaz would also like to invite users to keep close control over their energy consumption in the coming days, especially at peak times.