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GRTgaz, sponsor of the 2016 National Archaeology Days

GRTgaz supports the National Archaeology Days (NAD) organised by the French National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research (Inrap).

On this occasion, more than 1,000 events will take place all over France on 17, 18 and 19 June 2016, under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture and Communication. The aim of these days is to introduce the general public to the multiple facets of archaeology.


During the NAD 2016, access to two dig sites located in the Côte d’Or department illustrates the commitment of GRTgaz alongside Inrap. In the presence of archaeologists, the public can discover Gallo-Roman remains dating from almost 2,000 years ago: a rural establishment at Beire-le-Châtel on 18 June, and a tile manufactory and kilns at Broin on 19 June.

These two dig sites are part of a series of diagnostics and archaeological digs conducted by Inrap prior to the construction of the Val-de-Saône programme (see box), and more specifically the gas pipeline connecting Etrez (Ain) and Voisines (Haute-Marne). Indeed, before undertaking development work, such as laying a gas pipeline, diagnostics of the land footprint allow for the evaluation of the archaeological potential of the subsoil and enhance our knowledge of the history of the land that GRTgaz's pipelines cross. Thanks to a partnership with Inrap since 2011, GRTgaz has at its disposal all the requisite skills for safeguarding the buried vestiges of the past and sharing the riches of our land with the general public.

Launch of the Val-de-Saône programme

On 18 May 2016, GRTgaz obtained ministerial authorisation to build and operate the Val-de-Saône programme. The permit was issued by the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the Sea on 22 April 2016 then published in the Official Gazette.

The project had been subject to a Declaration of Public Utility, issued by the central prefecture of Côte-d’Or, on 2 March 2016. Obtaining these permits is a key stage for GRTgaz, and allows the project team to continue its work. In 2016, the continuation of the archaeological digs, complementary technical studies and local public meetings have been scheduled. The major objective of the Val-de-Saône programme is to develop the transmission capacities necessary for the construction of a single bulk gas market in France by 2018. The investment of €727 million focuses on the construction of a new 188-km natural gas pipeline between Voisines (Haute-Marne) and Etrez (Ain), the creation of a new interconnection station and a reinforcement to the existing compressor station at the Etrez site, as well as renovation work to the existing interconnection stations in Voisines and Palleau (Saône-et-Loire).

Val de Saône Program