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Augmented reality: GRTgaz ambitions

Augmented reality, a technology to improve the industrial performance of GRTgaz

8 April 2014

At the Laval Virtual Conference (9th to 13th April), GRTgaz will be presenting its ambitions for augmented reality, a major focus of its innovation policy. As the manager of one of Europe's largest gas transmission networks, GRTgaz hopes to use this technology to enhance the operation and performance of its industrial facilities.

In 2013, together with Capgemini Consulting, GRTgaz launched a prototype at one of its sites in the Paris region. Developed on a tablet computer, the augmented reality application helps GRTgaz employees with complex maintenance works and the operation of the gas transmission network. Preliminary field testing demonstrates an advantage both in terms of reliability and speed of execution.

The success of this prototype has led GRTgaz to expand the scope of augmented reality to the maintenance of the 4,500 substations connected to the network and to explore other fields as varied as welding and thermography1.

The use of tablet computers is also of some interest as part of training and professional development modules, in addition to traditional methods.

Based on these encouraging results, GRTgaz and Capgemini Consulting are convinced that augmented reality applications will develop in the industrial sector. With all of the key players gathered at the Laval Virtual Conference, lthe conditions seem conducive to the creation of a leading French technology sector.

1 Thermography allows the temperature of an object to be measured remotely and without contact, based on the object's infra-red emissions.