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Arc de Dierrey pipeline

GRTgaz vient d’engager les travaux de construction du gazoduc « Arc de Dierrey » dans le département de l’Aube.

Approximately 310km-long, the 1.20m-diameter pipeline will connect Cuvilly (Oise) and Voisines (Haute Marne), running across three regions (Picardie, Ile-de-France and Champagne-Ardenne) and five departments (Oise, Seine-et-Marne, Marne, Aube and Haute-Marne).

Work started on 17 March in Dierrey-Saint-Julien (Aube) and will proceed northward to Cuvilly. This stretch is scheduled for completion in autumn 2015. Work on the Dierrey to Voisines section, which will enter into service in 2016, will start in mid-2015. The building project involves over 600 people laying several stretches1. Operations will last three to six months on a given section.

The pipeline’s estimated cost is put at €619 million1, of which €95 million (approximately 15% of the project’s budget) should be injected into the local economy (local sub-contractors, supplies, materials, housing, etc.).

“Arc de Dierrey” is part of a sweeping transport development programme in the North and East of France aiming to boost the network’s flexibility and convey gas from the Dunkirk LNG terminal, which is scheduled to enter into operation in 2015.

1 Energy Regulation Commission meeting on 22 December 2011.


Maps of allotment in the Arc de Dierrey project

Maps of allotment in the Arc de Dierrey project


  • Cuvilly - Dierrey-Saint-Julien : start of works 1st half of 2014 ;
  • Dierrey-Saint-Julien - Voisines : start of works 1st half of 2015.