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"Le Gaz. L’Énergie des Possibles."

A special campaign to reveal gas innovations in favour of the ecological transition.

GRTgaz launches a campaign to introduce the general public to all the gas energy industry’s advanced solutions for the future of energy: “Le Gaz. L’Énergie des Possibles.” [Gas. The Energy of Possibility.] Welcome to the "Galerie des Possibles" [Gallery of Possibility]!

A manifesto in favour of gas

Largely seen as an exclusively fossil energy, gas and its solutions for the ecological transition still go overlooked in French society. According to the GRTgaz barometer “Les Français et l’énergie gaz" [The French and gas energy], produced by OmnicomMediaGroup last September, just 40% of French see gas as a modern energy, only 38% see it as a future energy and a mere 29% see it as an innovative energy.

And yet, gas is the energy of possibility! It takes on new forms through innovative and ambitious solutions that offer concrete applications in territories:

In support of this energy source, France can rely on its discreet and robust gas infrastructure to promote the growing dynamic and offer a response to major challenges, such as air quality, waste management and renewable energy storage.

GRTgaz plans to solicit opinions with an ambitious communications campaign. “Just as our country is committed to reviewing its energy model, we want to offer a new perspective on gas and raise awareness of how this energy can contribute to the ecological transition,” affirms Thierry Trouvé, CEO of GRTgaz.

A broad-scale campaign

Designed with the agency DDB, the campaign “Le Gaz. L’Énergie des Possibles." will be launched this Sunday, October 22 across major TV channels, print media, web and social media. The campaign will include: