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Happy New Year 2014 Message from GRTgaz

2014: Year of the Energy Transition

We can use the wind and the Sun to generate electricity, but not always when we need it.

Without a way to store it, this electricity goes to waste.

One promising solution is to use surplus electricity generated from renewable sources to produce hydrogen through water electrolysis. Following this step, a portion of the hydrogen can either be directly injected into existing gas networks, or it can be combined with carbon dioxide, after which all of the resulting synthetic methane can be injected into the networks. This is Power to Gas.

Getting value out of the surplus electricity derived from intermittent renewables is one of the great challenges of the energy transition.

The GRTgaz network is committed to researching innovative solutions in order to become a true driver of this transition.

This is the theme of GRTgaz's 2014 New Year Message!