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GRTgaz restyles its visual identity

12 October 2016 - GRTgaz has revealed its new visual identity to coincide with the launch of its business plan entitled "GRTgaz 2020", which focuses on two strategic ambitions:

Build its reputation as an operator clearly committed to the energy transition process and establish its credentials as a leading force in Europe's gas infrastructures.

GRTgaz logo with baseline

GRTgaz is changing its visual identity to reflect its new signature "Connecting the energies of the future", which confirms our company's determination to actively participate in balancing the energy mix of tomorrow's world and which gives the transmission network a key role in implementing innovative and sustainable energy solutions. The signature is accompanied by an updated logo and a new graphical design where GRTgaz's core business - its network - is represented by a flexible and interconnected line that enhances the visuals and typographic elements with consistency and clarity.

At the launch of “GRTgaz 2020”, Thierry Trouvé, Chief Executive Officer of GRTgaz, said: “This visual identity embodies our new business project and our responses to current and future energy challenges, like the boom in renewable gases and new uses for gas, the growing convergence of electricity and gas systems, as well as the development of everything digital. In this way, GRTgaz is reaffirming its deeply held conviction that the gas transmission network connects energies and territories and, as such, is a driving force behind accessible and concrete solutions for accelerating and successfully completing the energy transition.”